CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 2016 informations

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 2016 informations

When: 20. 1. 2017 // 18:00 h

Where: Festivalna dvorana, Vilharjeva cesta 11, SI – 1000 Ljubljana


Monique VAN BREMPT, BE (Champion of Slovenian Junior Champions 2016)

Štefan ŠINKO, SI (Champion of Slovenian Champions 2016)

Stelios MAKARITIS, GR (Champion of Slovenian Veteran Champions 2016)

SUPREME CHAMPION OF CHAMPION 2016: Monique Van Brempt, Štefan Šinko, Stelios Makaritis

Price list: 30 € per dog – with no galla dinner // 50 € per dog – with included galla dinner

Dinner for not entered dogs: in case you are interested to attend at galla dinner without entered dog, contact for infos:

Send entry to: KZS, Zapoge 3 D, SI – 1217 Vodice

Payment info: KZS d.o.o., Zapoge 3 D, SI – 1217 Vodice

IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 2837 263  SWIFT: ABANSI2X  Reference: 00-60001


ON-LINE ENTRY  (Select with or without dinner / per dog)

Please send the copies of Champion diploma, pedigrees and payment // Accepted will be only paid entries