Statistics and informations “Champion of Champions 2016”

Statistic and informations for Champion of Champions 2016 exhibitors:
Where: Festivalna dvorana, Vilharjeva street 11, Ljubljana
Entrance for exhibitors: since 16:00 h
Starts of event: at 18:00 h
Judging procedure: Judges will be judging by FCI groups, extra for each Slo Championships.
Monique Van Brempt – BE, Slovenian Junior Champions 2016
Štefan Šinko – SI, Slovenian Champions 2016
Stelios Makaritis – GR, Slovenian Vetaran Champions 2016

Finalist of each FCI group will compete for Winner of each Championship. First three placement will be awarded.

Three final winners will compete for the Supreme Champion of Champions title. All three winners will be awarded.
Supreme Champion of Champions will be judged by all three judges.

All exhibitors entered to Champion of Champions 2016  included with dinner, will receive  dinner ticket together with show number at main entrance which will guerentee table reservation on balcony and served dinner.


Slovenian Junior Champions 2016

Slovenian Champions 2016

Slovenian Veteran Champions 2016