CAS Centenary shows Bled 10.-12.09.2021

Dear, we are very excited about our Centenary Shows which will be set in a beautiful surroundings of our Bled area. Registration will be possible by the end of next week, so please stay tuned!

Postoponed entries for EDS2020 – organized in 2021

Dear exhibitors, it was our great joy, that FCI enabled us to postpone EDS 2020 – organised in 2021 from October 2020 to May 2021. However, in the last couple of months the situation of Covid – 19 in Europe has not substantially improved, therefore, the organisation of an event of this scale in May 

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FAQ CACIB BLED I&II and Crufts 2021 Qualifications

Information regarding show weekend in Lesce, 4.9.2020 – 6.9.2020 – it is not allowed to spend the night with motorhomes at the airport parking lot, you can spend the night at River camping Bled:; – the application deadline for entries is 28.8.2020; – all applications must be paid in advance, if the application is 

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RAZPIS KINOLOŠKIH PRIREDITEV Komisija za prireditve Kinološke zveze Slovenije skladno z določili statuta in pravilnika o strokovnem delu KZS razpisuje kinološke in državne prireditve s podelitvijo kandidatur za leto 2021 in mednarodne prireditve za leto 2022.Rok: 15/9/2020 celoten razpis najdete TUKAJ!