Postoponed entries for EDS2020 – organized in 2021

Dear exhibitors,

it was our great joy, that FCI enabled us to postpone EDS 2020 – organised in 2021 from October 2020 to May 2021. However, in the last couple of months the situation of Covid – 19 in Europe has not substantially improved, therefore, the organisation of an event of this scale in May 2021, is still very unsure.

We are closely monitoring the development in the world, as well as working closely with NIJZ (National Institute of Public Health) as your health and wellbeing are our top priority.

In the light of recent events in Europe and the world, regarding free movement of people and vaccine availability, we have made a tough but cautious decision, to postpone the start of registration for EDS 2020 – organised in 2021 to the 1. of February 2021.

On 01.02.2021 the Organising Board for EDS 2020 – organised in 2021, will announce the final decision.

We kindly thank you for your patience and understanding and wish you a happy and healthy 2021!

Show manager EDS2020

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